Mr Benny Chang Terk Jiun
Mr Benny Chang Terk Jiun

Mr Benny Chang has been Director and Optometrist at YOUR EYE GUARDIAN since 2002. He was previously Senior Optometrist and Branch Manager at Optic Point Pte Ltd.

Mr Chang graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Optometry in 1997. He is also an Ordinary Member of the Singapore Optometric Association.

Mr Chang has 19 years’ experience in the field of optometry and is an avid bilingual public speaker on eye care to numerous multinational companies, clubs and communities. He specialises in comprehensive eye health screening and management for eye disorders such as retinal diseases, glaucoma, cataract and myopia progression among children. He receives referrals from general practitioners to examine and co-manage their patients. He is experienced in correcting patients with challenging refractive and eye sight problems. He is also experienced in fitting suitable glasses comfortably and accurately.

张德俊先生毕业于1997年,是一名非常有热忱的视光学师。在1998年,他曾经协助 Chew Sek Jin教授,一名在近视科研领域的著名先锋及历任国际近视研究基金会主席,一起钻研和举行过讲座会。

张先生是眼科健康研讨会的固定主讲者,并常为各机构﹑公司和社区举行眼睛健康检查, 这包括总理办公室和内务部。他专攻有关青光眼,糖尿病视网膜病变和白内障全面的眼睛检查。张先生目前在眼镜店执业,为各年龄层的顾客提供眼科检查和咨询服务,范围包括红眼﹑流泪症﹑眼睛干涩﹑飞蚊症﹑屈光不正﹑视线扭曲和视线模糊。他也专长于调整多焦渐进镜片及矫正老花眼等。